TopicDo You Exercise and Eat Healthy When There is Company?

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 9:49am

    Do you find that when company is visiting that you do not get in your exercises? My Cellulite Solution  Over the years I have noticed that when people are visiting or you are the one doing the visiting that exercise is placed on the back burner. I do have one relative that places herself first and states I will be back in three hours I have two classes that I am taking. My question to you is do you place yourself first or do you place yourself last when there is company? I am not telling you to leave your company because you can still perform some exercises at home.

    Personally I perform my basic routine that takes place in my bedroom. I perform combination exercises so that I am working more that one muscle group at a time and my workout is no longer than ten minutes. I am at least getting in something. In my book Multitasking - Your Fitness For Life Program shows quick and easy exercises and stretches that can be performed when you are brushing your teeth. This way you are at least getting in some exercises without going to the gym or using weights. You are doing isometric exercises. With an isometric exercise you use your own body for resistance. The longer you hold an isometric pose the more intensely you are working your muscles. The isometric exercises can be done any where any time.When there is company visiting don't hesitate to include them. Go for a walk or have them do the exercises with you. When my sister came to visit she was going to place her exercises on hold but of course I wouldn't let her. I had her exercising along with me.




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