TopicWhat is SIP termination?

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:14am

    According to a recent report published on Comms Business, the SIP market has reached 570,323 trunks, increasing revenue by 128%. But, what is SIP?It stands for Session Initiated Protocol and is a Voice over Internet Protocol service. SIP is the name of the language that carries voice traffic over data connections to enable VoIP. In simple terms, they are the virtual version of your physical ISDN lines, bringing calls into your business but allowing for data convergence at the same time.

    Benefit of SIP Termination Services

    • SIP lines can reduce traditional telecoms bills by up to 75%
    • Per line cost can be reduced by 60-80%
    • Services costs for inbound and outbound calling can be reduce by up to 100%
    • Plus more efficiency

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